Monthly Archives: September 2017

  1. Velvet Apparel Trend

     Blue velvet cape

    Coming Soon: Shahida Parides Velvet Collection
    Velvet fabric trends in the fashion industry for the upcoming season.
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  2. Blog of 3 dresses that will grab his attention

    Show Him What He's Missing
    Three Shahida Parides dresses that will catch his attention.
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  3. Angela Hunte in St Lucia

    The beautiful American-Trinidadian singer-songwriter and producer, Angela Hunte, takes a stroll through Xhale Luxury Villas’ with our breathtaking coral solid dress

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  4. End of Summer Sale

    Shahida Parides is having an end of summer sale, which includes a 20% code on all regular priced items.

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  5. Coterie

    Shahida Parides will make an apperance at Coterie.

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  6. Kyle | Alene Too Trunk Show

    Kyle by Alene Too Trunk Show invitation with China Print dress

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