Monthly Archives: November 2017

  1. 3 Reasons You Need to Get an Obi Belt, Fast!

    Obi belts are not a thing of the past, on the contrary, these Japanese inspired Kyoto wide belts are a movement of the future.

    Shahida Parides Obi Belts
    3 Reasons You Need to Get an Obi Belt As Soon As Possible
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  2. Shahida Parides Store Grand Opening

    Shahida Parides opens physical store location in Miami, Florida on Friday Nov 25, 2017.

    Grand Opening
    Shahida Parides Open First Store In Miami
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  3. Psst: These Are 3 Black Friday Deals You Can’t Miss!

    With the best deals of the year, Shahida Parides brings the craziness of Black Friday shopping to the comfort of the customer's home. With deals no one can resist.

    These Are 3 Black Friday Deals You Can’t Miss
    The Best Prices of The Year
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  4. 3 Ways to Change Your Thanksgiving Look with One Dress

    Take on the challenge of wearing our multi-wear maxi dresses this Thanksgiving seasons for all the dinner invites.

    Thanksgiving in a designer maxi
    Get three styles for the price of one to wear this holiday season
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  5. Siggy from RHONJ shows off her Parrot Macaw Dark maxi dress from Shahida Parides.

    Siggy Flicker in Shahida Parides
    Siggy Flicker Wears Popular Shahida Parides Parrot Macaw Dark Print
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