1. RHOBH Premier Kyle Richards in Shahida Parides

    Celebrity Worn Dresses From Shahida Parides
    Shop Kyle Richards Look from the RHOBH Premiere
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  2. Photo Credit Bravo TV

    Kyle Richards of Real Housewives in Shahida Parides

    Shop the New Shahida Parides Collection

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  3. Paris Hilton in Shahida Parides Emoji Dress Seen on Vogue

    Paris Hilton in Shahida Parides Emoji Dress
    As Seen on Vogue
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  4. shahida originals

    Originally Created By Shahida Parides
    Signature Prints
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  5. Kyle Richards vacation in stripe wrap dress

    Best 2018 Stripe Dress
    Kyle Richards and Paris Hilton Favorite
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  6. Kyle Richards holds multicolor striped wrap dress


    RHOBH Designer Kaftan Dresses
    Shahida Parides Luxurywear
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  7. Style expert, Oscar De Las Salas, talks about the history of the kaftan and how Shahida Parides has made the traditional garments into one his favorites modern pieces.

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  8. Kyle Richards talks about Shahida Parides being one of her favorite brands on Bravo's series "Catching Up With the RHOBH ‘Wives!" while she shows her store.

    Kyle Richards Talks About One of Her Favorite Lines
    Can you guess which one it is?
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  9. Paris Hilton featured on People Magazine interview what she wears to Coachella and Ibiza vacations seen in Shahida Parides long maxi dresses.

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  10. Kaftan Styling

    Shahida Parides Kaftans AZTV


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