We’ve all heard our girl friends say it, “Why won’t he text back?” or “I wish he would just ask me out already.” Or hey, maybe you’re just at the bar trying to get the cute guy’s number sitting alone. Whatever it may be, we’ve heard it all too well but girl, don’t lose hope just yet. It could be the vibe you're sending. Like the saying goes, “You got to look good to feel good,” and though we praise women for their natural beauty and intellectual minds, sometimes you must step up your game and show him exactly what he is missing by leaving you on read.

Whether it be your high school crush, the cutie at work or your even your long-term partner, these are three Shahida Parides looks that will catch his attention.  

 1. Black and White Dress In Stripes Print ZebraBlack and White Dress In Stripes Print Zebra

In 2017, zebra print is in and in the right way. This is the perfect look for a night out with your single girl friends. The black line of the stripes and the flowingness of the dress accentuate your body’s figure and the accent white adds a glow to variety of different skin tones. In addition, zebras are known for being social creatures, so keep this in mind when you’re building up the courage to talk to the hottie at the night-lounge. This dress is the perfect balance of boldness but also mystery. A mystery he’ll be trying to solve all night with you on his mind.


 2. Red Short Asymmetric Floral Slip Dress

Red Short Asymmetric Floral Slip Dress




So maybe you’re looking for a day look but still want to make an impression on him. Well this dress is the perfect one for you. With a little bit of sexiness and putridity, his jaw is guaranteed to drop when he sees you in this. The red color represents passion and courage, which are two big qualities a man looks for in a woman. The best part is you can style it in 3 different ways, which means you can outfit repeat without anyone suspecting a thing.   

3. Blue Silk Long Dress With Orange Flowers

 Blue Silk Long Dress With Orange Flowers


This is the kind of dress you will get compliments on all-day long (proven-fact). With the beautiful shade of blue, orange flowers, and a sight slit on the side, it’s a sure winner to get his attention. The blue represents confidence and intelligence and this is exactly what he will think of you when he sees you in this dress.