Your Perfect Color Palette for the New Year

Your Perfect Color Palette for the New Year

With the new year approaching you may be thinking that it’s time to make a change. There is no better place to start than with your wardrobe. Whether you’re refreshing your look a bit, or going for a full on switch up we want to help you get started. We’ve put together four concepts for you to consider incorporating into your 2019 wardrobe.

The first is monochrome! We love this because of its simplicity and it is a timelessly chic look. The idea of monochrome is just for everything to match, whether that’s solid colors or patterns, you coordinate your look around one thing. If you’re a little scared of the monochrome look, don’t worry, it’s totally normal! Something we love is adding a little pop of color or pattern to balance out the look.

Our next idea for your wardrobe is pastels, you can never go wrong adding a little softness to your look, it just leaves more room for you to shine! You can mix pastels with bold colors, or leave them on their own. Nothing welcomes new change like a pastel.

In 2019, we are all about comfort first. So why not keep it cozy with pajamas as daywear? We loved this concept when it started popping up this past year and we’re ready to keep it going into the new year. So, follow the lead of some of our favorite celebs and make comfort stylish with our collection of pajamas and velvets.

Finally, get ready to bloom in bright colors and patterns. We love adding a vibrant pop of color to any outfit and with a whole range of new colors this year all of your favorite Shahida prints are being revamped for the new year.


So, no matter what the new year brings; big change or small. You will be prepared for every event and occasion. Try out these color pallets in the new year and don’t forget to tag us @shahidaparides and @shahidawoman on instagram!