Shahida Parides: Designs for every Bridal Party

Shahida Parides: Designs for every Bridal Party

June, August, September and October are all considered the most popular months for weddings. With that said, Wedding Season is upon us and Shahida Parides has just the perfect look for you.

Whether you’re in the wedding party, or coming as a guest, our eye-catching prints are bound to make you the center of attention.

Below are some of our favorite bridesmaids and wedding guest garments. We are certain our diverse designs allow multiple options for every bridal party and/or guest.

Brides: We know perfecting every detail for your special day can sometimes get hectic. We’re here to make it easier on you. Here are prints and designs guaranteed to wow the guests and make your bridal party glow.

  • Our silky fuchsia low neck dress has an open back and can be worn in a variety of different styles that range from a front crisscross halter-neck, one-shoulder, or a deep v-neck as shown in the image above.  
  • If you’re going for the short dress look for the bridesmaids, our blue silk wrap dress is both short and flowy. This dress comes in three different colors: blue, pink and green.  
  • Make a statement in red! Our beautiful red v-neck maxi dress is beaded with detail that is sure to make an impression. This maxi also comes in the color white. 

Wedding guests: Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! We have plenty of beautiful dresses with different prints, patterns and colors that will make you shine. Below are a few of our favorites handpicked for this wedding season.


  • Our aqua-green floral wrap dress has great detail and is a great mix of summer and beachy, which gives an effortless, yet stylish look.  
  • Looking to show up in a pop of color? If so, our refreshing orange silk dress is the perfect dress for you! This dress comes in a variety of different colors and is guaranteed to make you noticeable. 
  • Feeling bold and adventurous? Our tiger ruffle dress is the perfect garment to make a statement in. This dress has a small, yet prominent pop of turquoise.

Happy wedding season to everyone. Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, guest, or simply a fashionista, we hope our variety in design and pattern can inspire you to dress in Shahida Parides.