Shahida at Carnegie Hall: Katy Perry, Sting and the David Lynch Foundation

Shahida at Carnegie Hall: Katy Perry, Sting and the David Lynch Foundation

Carnegie Hall is a global icon of excellence in performing arts. Walking in, you can feel the rich history and tradition radiating from the walls. In its 126 years of existence, it has been home to literally thousands of phenomenal performances. This night was no different. 

Let's do an overview. This was the lineup for the 'Change Begins Within' concert : Jerry Seinfeld, Sharon Isbin, Angelique Kidjo, Jim James, Sting, and Katy Perry, 

So basically... The star and creator of America's most iconic TV comedy, a Grammy-winning guitarist, Africa's most iconic female singer, An accomplished band frontman, an absolute musical legend, and one of the reigning queens of Pop music. 

and the host? Former White House Comunications Director and the Chief Anchor of ABC news, George Stephanopolous. 

The sheer star power of this event needs to be mentioned as it is testament to the cause it was supporting. The 'Change Begins Within' concert was organized by the David Lynch Foundation to support the Meditate New York Initiative. The David Lynch Foundation is well known for promoting awareness and health benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and through the Meditate New York Initiative is seeking to provde free TM instructions to 10,000 at-risk New Yorkers that include underprivileged youth, veterans suffering from PTSD, and women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. 

It was very warming to see a group of stars and extraordinary talents take time off their schedules for something they believed in and hope will benefit others. Meeting the stars you can tell this was something they did care about. 

The performances were AMAZING. Jerry Seinfeld started off the night and was followed by Sharon Isbin, Angelique Kidjo, and Jim James. Then, Sting took the stage and gave a brilliant performance that stayed true to his reputation performing hits like 'Englishman in New York'. One of the highlights of the night was his duet with Sharon Isbin on guitar. Of course, Katy Perry was the grand finale and did beautiful renditions of her smash hits 'Fireworks' , 'Roar', 'Wide Awake', and more. 

I was glad I was part of such a great event and will be honored if I am a contributing factor in making even a small difference in someone's life through the Meditate New York Initiative. 

Here are some moments from the night,


 Picture: Shahida with Sting, Katy Perry, and George Stephanopolous at Carnegie Hall, "Change Begins With Change"

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