Five Simple Steps to Clean your Favorite Shahida Parides Dress

Five Simple Steps to Clean your Favorite Shahida Parides Dress

Shahida Parides 2017 Collection Blue Mandarin Full Sleeve Silk Romper

It is no secret to us that many of you are concerned with how to best preserve the vibrant colors on your Shahida garments. These delicate 100% silk viscose crepe dresses and separates are a breeze to care for if you follow these five steps.

For all those, "DIY" women out there, dry cleaning is not your only option. We recommend hand washing for the perfect non-fade alternative to efficiently and effectively wash this delicate material.

Shahida Parides 2017 Collection Blue Long Lace-Up Kaftan Dress

Step 1. Use a very mild soap or gentle liquid detergent.

Step 2. Soak your silk item in cold water for no longer than 3-5 minutes in a clean sink or tub.

Step 3. Rinse well and carefully squeeze out any excess water (Do not twist or wring out the fabric, as this can be very damaging to the material)

Step 4. Lay your Shahida silk garment on a clean towel and gently roll it up. You may need to repeat this process with an additional towel. Lay on flat surface or drying rack to finish.

Step 5. Steam or iron on a low setting to give your outfit a sleek and polished look that everyone will envy!

Extra Tip: Add a little lavender essential oil to the steamer and you're on your way!