Obi Obsession

Obi Obsession


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Have you ever had that moment where you feel like you may have found the perfect dress? The color suits your skin tone perfecty, the length hits at just the right spot, but only one thing is off, it doesn't show off your body as much as you would like. 

So many times, all that a dress needs is a little cinching to take it from cute to all around perfection. The obi belt is a way to do just that. And, lucky for you, Shahida Parides has the obi belt that is perfect for you. 

From velvet to leather, and every color under the sun, Shahida Parides has relaized the need for a stylish way to show off a woman's body, and obi belts are the result. Not only are they stylish, they are functional as well. 

Paired with one of our many wrap dresses, long or short, you will be turning heads at every corner!