Who We Are


All our manufacturing happens in Delhi, in a neighborhood not too far from where our designer Shahida grew up. She learned many of her skills and passion for design by watching and later by helping her grandmother sew for local manufacturers. The majority of our factory workers, pattern makers, sewers and cutters have been with us for over 10 years. Shahida provides apartments for all employees and their families and many of her own siblings are on site working as well. By providing fair wages, a safe place to live and on-the-job training we invest in the people who make these beautiful products shine.


Our small and mighty office in Tucson, Arizona.
Although it's across the world the Tucson team is a dedicated staff made up of inventory managers, marketing interns, social media managers, graphic designers, and an assistant designer. All work collaboratively to create and promote these fiercely powerful and unique collections.
- and by the way, over 60% of all employees for Shahida Parides are women.