Rachel Zoe with Shahida Parides' Shahida at the Create & Cultivate event in DTLA this past weekend!


Create & Cultivate is a online platform and conference series centered around female entrepreneurs in the digital space. The conference creates a collaborative environment for female creatives and entrepreneurs to share inspirations and to succeed in the modern digital world.

The stye icon Rachel Zoe attended the Create & Cultivate event as a keynote speaker where she shared invaluable advice and lessons she has learned through her career with the attendees. Given her variety of experience from being an editor, to starting Rachel Zoe Inc. and starring in the Rachel Zoe Project, she had words of wisdom relateable to everyone.

The Create & Cultivate event was proudly co-sponsored by Shahida Parides. Attendees of the conference including over 500 digital marketers, influencers and millenial businesswomen indulged in fun activities by Shahida Parides such as a dress where they could hand-paint their social media handles and a creating a dress from paper fans.



Words from the Event,

"I don't think you can be good at something if you dont love it." - Rachel Zoe