Freedom, Flow, and Fire: Award winning Actress and Filmmaker Kalpana Pandit on Shahida Parides

Freedom, Flow, and Fire: Award winning Actress and Filmmaker Kalpana Pandit on Shahida Parides

Actress. Filmmaker, Physician, Model. Entrepreneur.... At first glance it may seem as if someone asked a bunch of young kids what they want to be when they grow up. Look closer, it is Kalpana Pandit's bio. 


       The Beautiful Kalpana Pandit: Actress, Dancer, Filmmaker, Model, Physician,Entrepreneur.. And counting. 

The beautiful Kalpana Pandit is a modern day Renaissance Woman. She doesn't just dabble, she is highly accomplished in every field she enters. An inspiration for harnessing creativity, trusting your abilities, and making dreams come true.

Shahida Parides and Kalpana share a strong bond. Not only is she close friends with Shahida but has also collaborated with the Shahida Parides team. Kalpana was the Shahida Parides Showstopper at the Tucson Fashion Week 2015. Moreover she has dazzled major events such as the Hunger Games:Mockingjay Part-2 Premiere and the American Music Awards (AMAs) dressed in Shahida Parides signature styles. 

 An award-winning actress and filmmaker, Kalpana was recently interviewed about her upcoming film Sulige Sikkidaaga 'Be fluid as water'. The film is themed on women empowerment and like many of Kalpana's films provides an inspirational message. Sulige Sikkidaaga stars Kalpana and is produced by her production company 'House of Pandit' (TM).

During the interview Kalpana, who was wearing a gorgeous Python Long Infinity Dress, discussed Shahida Parides. She shared her views on the brand, mentioned why she loves the quality and design, and introduced the Shahida Parides ideal of 'Freedom, Flow, & Fire'  


Kalpana Pandit Speaks to Film Courage about Sulige Sikkidaaga and Shahida Parides

It seemed only fitting that this interview was done at the historic Millenium Biltmore Hotel, home of the first Oscar Awards Ceremony and where the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded. We eagerly wait for Kalpana's next film!  

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Here are some moments of the gorgeous Kalpana Pandit dazzling in Shahida Parides. 

kalpana-pandit-at-amas-american-music-awards-red-carpet-in-shahida-parides     kalpana-pandit-in-shahida-parides-at-hunger-games-mockingjay-part2-us-premiere

Pictures: (LEFT) Kalpana Pandit on AMAs Red Carpet in Shahida Parides Avatar Harem Jumpsuit. (RIGHT) Kalpana at the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part-2 US Premiere with stars Kim and Misty Ormiston who play the LEEG sisters. She is wearing the ravishing Python Long Infinity Dress (Wearable in 3 Ways) 



Picture: Showstopper! Kalpana walks the runway at Tucson Fashion Week for Shahida Parides in a Red Avatar Long Infinity Dress. (credits: AZ Public Media, Joseph Jackson


Picture: Kalpana Pandit in Shahida Parides Python Long Infinity Dress at the Millenium Biltmore en route to Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part-2 US Premiere. 


Picture: Shahida and Kalpana together at the American Music Awards (AMAs) 


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