'The Singles Project' Star Tabasum Mir in Shahida Parides for Art Bodega Magazine Cover

'The Singles Project' Star Tabasum Mir in Shahida Parides for Art Bodega Magazine Cover

The beautiful Dr. Tabasum Mir, star of the Emmy award winning show "The Singles Project", features on the cover of Art Bodega Magazine wearing a Shahida Parides Wild Thing 3 Way Dress. 

Besides being a Celebrity dermatologist and Bravo TV star, Dr. Mir is also an entrepreneur with her own MirSkin skin care line which complements her dermatolgy services. Her expertise in skincare is sought by countless celebrities, news programs, and publications. 

The headline reads " Tabasum Mir is ready for Primetime TV" , she absolutely is looking stunning, strong, and fearless in our Wild Things collection. 


The November/December issue also contains an exclusive feature on Art Basel 2015, which is the world's premier fair in Modern and Contemporary Art. This year, over 250 of the world's finest art galleries will be participating in numerous events including exhibitions, editions, talks, etc. 

Art Bodega Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine catered towards cosmopolitan readers that enjoy insights into the latest trends and happenings as well as the cultural side of artists, entrepreneurs, and fashion moguls. 

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